Antique Window Assets
Antique Window Assets

These are three assets I had been creating in order to make my life easier but decided to put them up on Blender Market and see if anyone else finds them useful. I'll have an actual scene to show off that uses them soon!

Modeled after windows from houses built in the late 1800's through the early 1900's, these windows have been created to match the exact scale and color of some of the most popular variants found across the U.S. at the time.

Each window includes an appropriately sized light portal for faster rendering and reduced noise, a boolean box for easy wall removal, and separate meshes for each window pane,parented to the frame to allow for opening them individually.

These are intended for use with a 9' ceiling with the origin of each mesh positioned on the floor at the wall, allowing for easy placement.
-All materials are 4k.
-PBR Wood material.
-Glass material allows all light to pass through and negates caustics.
-Vertices from all three Windows total 9587.

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